Highly Gifted Children
Volume XIII Number 2
Winter & Spring 2000

A pulication of The Hollingworth Center for Highly Gifted Children


Guest Editor: Kiesa Kay

In this issue:

Spirituality and the Highly Gifted Adolescent by Stephanie S. Tolan

Malnourished: A Teen's View of the Columbine Massacre by Benjamin Cyr

Number the Years by Aviva Pittle

A Place to Belong for the Highly Gifted: The Summer Enrichment Program at the University of Northern Colorado by George Betts

School, Personal, and Family Factors Impacting Under-representation Among Black Adolescents in Gifted Programs by Tarek C. Grantham and Linda A. Long

Sex and the Highly Gifted Adolescent by Annette Revel Sheely

More Life With Max by Patricia Estes

Breaking Trail by Laura Goodman

Flirting with Underacheivement: Hidden for a Reason by Robert Schultz

From College to Confidence by Elizabeth Lovance

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