Highly Gifted Children
Volume XII Number 3
Winter 1999

A pulication of The Hollingworth Center for Highly Gifted Children


In this issue:

The Tea and Terrorist Society - Parent Advocacy at the District Level by Monique Lloyd

Four mothers of highly gifted children get together and advocate effectively as a team...

Thirteen Days of Radical Acceleration a song by Michael

On the first day of high school my classmates said to me, "How can you be in high school when you're so young?"...

Listening to Children's Voices: A Very Young Advocate Speaks Out by Levi Meir Clancy

On May 18th, 1998, seven-year-old Levi Meir Clancy gave this speech before the Los Angeles Board of Education...

Dark Clouds and Silver Linings by Suzy Shettler

A story of the gifted program that wasn't, and a solution that works for many... home schooling.

Those Little Shoes by Antonette N. Raddatz

The glorious magic of a gifted child in those little shoes...

Bell Curves to Bell Circles: A Modest Proposal by Jim Nuzzo

It isn't just how smart these kids are which makes parenting and schooling them difficult, is it that they "contain multitudes."

Twice Exceptional Highly Gifted Children: Announcing New Online Support

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Hollingworth Membership Renewal

12th Annual Hollingworth Center Conference, May 1 - 2, 1999

The Center of New Hampshire, Manchester, NH

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