2000 Annual Hollingworth Conference
The Many Faces of Highly Gifted Children
Newton, MA May 5-7, 2000
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Friday, May 5, 2000audioqtytotal
2335Wake Up America! Your Highly Gifted Students are Fleeing Public SchoolsChristine Neville, Ed.D.$10  
2336Serving Profoundly Gifted Students In The Schools
The Optimal Match Philosophy In Action - 2 Tapes
James Davis, M.A.$20  
2337College Level Integrated Science for Highly Gifted High School
Students and Teach Mathematics NOT Arithmetic - 2 Tapes
Douglas G. Frank, Ph.D.$20  
2338The Critical Peer Group: Critical Needs for Depth in Literature and Writing - 2 TapesStephanie Tolan, Author
Christine Neville, Ed.D.
2339Open Doors to Education / Educational Needs of the Profoundly Gifted Child; Practical Ways the School Can Help - 2 TapesElizabeth and Justin Chapman,
Jill Howard, J.D. and Michael
2340Highly Gifted: Multiple Insights From Multiple Perspectives - 2 TapesEllen D. Fiedler, Ph.D. &
Bethany Bell, M.A.
2341Black Sky Bright Star: The Highly Gifted and Depression - 2 TapesP. Susan Jackson, M.A., R.C.C.$20  
2342Twice Special: Gifted Children With Special Needs - 2 TapesKiesa Kay &
Meredith Warshaw

Saturday, May 6, 2000audioqtytotal
2343Meeting The Needs Of Exceptionally Gifted Students In And Out Of The ClassroomCarol C. Blackburn, Ph.D.$10  
2344Living With Dual Identities: A Model For Connected Systems And Supports Needed By H & P Gifted Students Taking Classes At A Second School SiteSandra Carlton, M.S. &
David Currie, M.S.
2345Curriculum Development For The Exceptionally And Profoundly GiftedCCarole Ruth Harris, Ed.D.$10  
2346Understanding Highly And Profoundly Gifted Children: A Primer For First-Time Conference ParticipantsKathi Kearney$10  
2347Many Internet Resources For Highly Gifted ChildrenCarolyn J. Kottmeyer$10  
2348How To Bring About State and National Change for the Most Gifted StudentsLeila J. Levi, M.F.A. & Wenda Sheard$10  
2349Beyond The LabelElizabeth Lovance, B. A.$10  
2350Multi-Age, Multi-Level Magnet Programming For Extremely Highly Gifted Elementary/Middle School StudentsLinda S. Rivers, Ph.D.$10  
2351KEYNOTE: From The Saddest Sound To The D Major Chord: How Radical Acceleration Can Liberate Highly Gifted StudentsMiraca U. M. Gross, Ph.D.$10  
2352Open Doors to EducationElizabeth and Justin Chapman$10  
2353College Level Integrated Science For Highly Gifted High School StudentsDouglas G. Frank, Ph.D.$10  
2354Educational Needs of the PG Child; Practical Ways the School Can HelpJill Howard, J.D. and Michael$10  
2355The "Tech Kids": Who Are They and How Do We Educate Them?Kathleen Julicher$10  
2356Highly Gifted Children With ADHDDeirdre V. Lovecky, Ph.D.$10  
2357The INFP Type Influences On Highly Gifted PeopleBetty Meckstroth, M. Ed.$10  
2358The Critical Peer GroupChristine Neville, Ed.D.$10  
2359The Interaction Of Giftedness & Learning Disorders: A Discussion Of Self-Concept & Learning StyleCatya Von Karolyi, Ph.D. candidate$10  
2360Activating Ability Grouping: Batteries Not IncludedCarole Ruth Harris, Ed.D.$10  
2361The Great Juggling Act: Creating the "Perfect" School for the Highly and Profoundly Gifted StudentBarbara Mitchell Hutton, MBA$10  
2362Parent Support GroupNancy Minkoft, M.S. &
Shirley Rand
2363Exploring Individual Capacities Of Highly Gifted ChildrenKaren Morse, M.A.$10  
2364Underachievement Among the Highly GiftedJosh Shame$10  
2365Socialization In Highly Gifted ChildrenDeborah Shictman, Ed.D., MSW$10  
2366The Many Faces of the Highly Gifted And Individual DifferencesRaymond H. Swassing, Ed.D$10  
2367The Problem Of PainStephanie Tolan$10  

2368Showing Our StuffHilary and Natalie Cohen & Friends$10  
2369Twice Special: Gifted Children with Special NeedsBenjamin Cyr, Jill Harper Greeley, Kiesa Kay, Annette Revel Sheely, MA., & Meredith Warshaw$10  
2370Integrating the Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart and Social Self of the Profoundly Gifted ChildJames Davis, M.A., Elizabeth Stork, M.A., Michael Piechowski, Ph.D., Patricia Gatto-Walden, Ph.D.$10  
2371Homeschooling Highly and Profoundly Gifted ChildrenKathleen Julicher Moderator$10  
2372Parenting Highly & Profoundly Gifted Children$10  
2373Public and Private School Programs For the Highly GiftedChristine Neville, Ed.D. Moderator$10  
2374Testing and Assessment$10  

Sunday, May 7, 2000audioqtytotal
2375Breakfast at Stephanie's: Afterwards, You're a GeniusStephanie Tolan$10  
2376FOUNDER'S ADDRESS: Looking Forward, Looking Back: A Tale of Two CenturiesKathi Kearney$10  
2377Homeschooling Teens: Putting Your Child In Charge Of His EducationKathryn M. Finn, B.A.$10  
2378Facing Reality - The Hope, Promise, Frustration, and Joy of Serving Highly and Profoundly Gifted Students in a Gifted SchoolBarbara Mitchell Hutton, M.B.A. and Nicci Clark, M.S.$10  
2379Black Sky Bright Star: The Highly Gifted and DepressionSusan Jackson, M.A., R.C.C.$10  
2380"Etiquette And Ethics," Research, & Extreme Giftedness: Re-Examining the Foundations in the Information AgeKathi Kearney and Stephanie Tolan$10  
2381Ideas For Organizing Students' WorkJoyce Laine, B.A. and Becky Valdez, B.A.$10  
2382Parent Support GroupNancy Minkoff, M.S. and Shirley Rand$10  
2383Advocating forYour Highly Gifted Child - How to work (with?) the SystemCathy Russell$10  
2384Modes of Non-Linear ThinkingJosh Shaine$10  
2385Teach Mathematics Not Arithmetic! Critical For Highly And Profoundly Gifted Children, K-12Douglas G. Frank, Ph.D.$10  
2386Asynchrony, Homeschooling, and a Classical EducationKathleen Julicher$10  
2367Through Their Eyes: The Exceptionally Gifted ChildDeirdre V. Lovecky, Ph.D.$10  
2386Integrating Self And Society Or Living A Stifled LifeAnnemarie Roeper Ed.D. & Betty Meckstroth, Ed. D.$10  
2389The Whys And Wherefores of Starting A School for Gifted ChildrenSandra and Ronald Schilling$10  
2390Perfectionism - International Case Studies With H G AdolescentsPatricia Schuler Ph.D.$10  
2391Case Studies Of Twice Exceptional Students: Stories Of Successful StrategiesBrooke Walker$10  
2392Different MindsR. Susan Jackson, M.A., Maddi Wallach, M.A., R.C.C. and Bailey Whiteside$10  
2393KEYNOTE: Being and Becoming: The Self-Emergent of the Highly Gifted PersonR. Susan Jackson, MA, R.C.C.$10  

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