The Circle

by Casey and Becky

A circle of friendship,
A circle of love,
A circle of family,
A gift from above.

Flying and galloping
And chugging along,
Three dear friends' love
Is like spring's sweet song.

Each year at this time,
The blooming of May,
We celebrate the birth
Of our friendship this way:

Laughter and hugging
And whispers in the hall...
Snuggles and kisses
For one and for all...

Swimming and splashing,
Jumping in the pool.
And parents who readily
Abandon some rules!

A party of friendship
That always is here --
At the Hollingworth conference
Where we meet each year.

I don't remember
What is was like before...
I think it seemed
Like life was a bore.

Now everything is full
Of glistening love,
A circle of friendship,
A gift from above.

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