Identification and Assessment of the Highly Gifted

Assessing Gifted Children by Dr. Julia B. Osborn

Testing versus assessment. These two activities are frequently discussed together and criticized together, when, in fact, they are quite different

Current Use of the Stanford Binet, Form L-M

by Barbara Gilman, M.S. and Annette Revel, M.A.

Don't Throw Away the Old Binet

by Dr. Linda Silverman and Kathi Kearney

Letter from Riverside Publishing to Dr. Linda K. Silverman

The SB-LM's publisher's statement "Form L-M is one of the few reasonable options given the dearth of intelligence tests with sufficient ceiling to assess extremely gifted children."

Life In The Asynchronous Family by Kathi Kearney

Max has not only been highly gifted all of his life, but also somewhat adolescent all of his 14, he can display a ferocious insistence for justice with the passions and tenacity of a 3-year-old...this gets confusing!

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